May 24, 2021

Movie About Cricket Lovers And Betting

By Edwin ka

Tollywood is the name of the Telugu film industry. From being one of the pioneers of Indian cinema, the industry has created some fantastic films that have added worthwhile Indian films.

Although the pandemic has restricted people from watching films in theatres, it has helped increase the number of people using OTT and streaming services.

The advent of such platforms has helped to pressure industries to change their mainstream content to more enriching and serious plots. The Telugu film industry is no exclusion, with recent trends including more small-budgeted films that break from generic movie plots, new actors, and content-rich plots have been accepted well because of OTT platforms.

OTT Platforms like AHA specifically cater to region-specific films like Telugu films to keep movie buffs and the audience amused during the lockdown by allowing them to watch full movies online. One such movie that is informative and entertaining is Super Over.

Written and Directed by Praveen Varma, Super Over is a 2021 Telugu crime-thriller film. Starring Naveen Chandra, Chandini Chowdary, Ajay, Praveen, and Rakendu Mouli. Sunny M.R made the music, and the cinematography headed by Divakar Mani; Super Over was released on the OTT Platform AHA on 22 January 2021. Well accepted by critics and the audience, Super Over is a good addition to your watch latest Telugu movies list.

The film centers on Kaasi, Madhu, and Vasu, three friends. Things took a turn when a consultant conned Kaasi, and his dream of going abroad was shattered. To pay off the debt, he puts his luck in cricket betting. Hopefully, he wins more than enough. The plot takes momentum when we see how Kaasi collects his earned money while facing many problems and the troubles the trio faces with the great amount of money in their possession. What makes the rest of the plot is their troubles and how they get out of the thick situation.

Super Over is a well-made thriller, packed with a good screenplay, performances, and direction, filled with twists and turns. Rakendu Mouli, Chandini Chowdary, and Naveen Chandra are all excellent in their respective roles. The three friends’ chemistry seems to be completely normal. All of the cricket betting scenes and bookie setup have been portrayed authentically, and they appear to be genuine.

The narration and cinematography, especially in the manner it is narrated in one night, are impressive and laud worthy. The overall cinematography, especially in the chase sequences, was pretty impressive. Background music adds to the thriller elements and makes Super Over a gripping thriller with a good screenplay filled with twists here and there.

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